You utilize a spectacular attraction, but do not have the possibilities for a photo booth with personnel? Now you can sell ride photo souvenirs from this attraction as well!

We are the first company which has succeeded in developing a fully autonomous ride photography system. This photosystem is ready to shoot photo’s before the first visitors have arrived and will continue to sell as long as the ride is operational.

The foundation for this photosystem is the fully by Image+ Digital developed NOVA-II photomanager. This system is gathering all data from the environment on which it will control all connected digiphoto terminals. That will ensure you with the most perfect picture without human interaction. Each photo that is shot will be shown automatically on the photo terminals.

These terminals are an attraction itself. Never before has buying a photo been so much fun. By the ergonomic and intuitive use, it is not a challenge to buy a photo.

Contact Image+ if you are interested or have questions.