Chromakey (also known as greenscreen) exists for many years. But always, it has a certain difficulty. Visitors do not know how to look, where to put their hands, etc.

With the Image+ CHROMAGE system, Chromakey will never be dull. A fully automated chromakey system will calculate the complete image within tens of a second, and show the results real-time on a large monitor. Imagine how easy it will be for your visitors to take a pose. They know exactly where they are placed against the background. Knowing how to look, react or behave.

Everyone wants to try this setting! Every kind of setting is possible. For instance, if you want to look like Michael Jackson

Ask for more options.

Chromagic in 3D

This combination of chromage and our 3D platform gives you the most fantastic possiblities. together with the glasses free 3D monitor, each visitor can see the possiblities.

We will install the complete package (Camera, glasses free 3D monitor, greenscreen, software, printer and media), and you will be ready to sell the most popular photosouvenir in the history!